The 15-Minute Marketing® Planner

The 15-Minute Marketing Planner is designed to help you communicate your value to the world and grow your revenue quickly and easily.


I believe good marketing doesn’t cost much money. Rather, it costs about 15 minutes per day of your personal effort and attention. Marketing is nothing more than telling more people about your value today, than knew about it yesterday. You’ll be amazed how the disciplined communication of your value will grow your revenue.

I’ve created this simple approach to marketing in 15 minutes per day or less because even you and I have 15 minutes to tell people about how we can help them.

My 15-Minute Marketing Planner is a form that lets you plan this communication for an entire week on one sheet.

Download it for free now, by filling out the simple form over the right. 

You’ll receive it as an email attachment, so that you can print it out and use it, week after week.

Happy marketing, and happy revenue!


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