Typical Client Results


When I work with clients in a strategic capacity, the following results are common:

  • A dramatic increase in marketing effectiveness, leading to an increase in sales and distribution.
  • A huge increase in public relations effectiveness, generating far more numerous major media “hits.”
  • A streamlining and creation of powerful product messaging that’s compelling to consumers.
  • Development of compelling language that energizes executives, staff and consumers.
  • Identification and utilization of much more effective communications platforms, to reach more customers, faster.
  • Company-wide alignment about how to talk — and think! — and your products.
  • Press releases are transitioned from terrible (yes, yours probably are!) to excellent, creating a much more attentive and receptive media.
  • The public relations function is more closely integrated into the company’s marketing strategy.
  • Consumer insights become the centerpiece of messaging strategy.
  • A separation of church (engineering) and state (marketing and communication).

Speeches & Workshops

My talks and workshops usually generate the following outcomes:

  • The audience is energized and educated about marketing consumer electronics.
  • The audience is armed with a range of tools for immediate application at their office.
  • Audience members get a whole perspective on the power of language in marketing consumer electronics.
  • Audiences learn that engineers should never, ever, EVER have anything to do with creating messaging language.
  • These presentations challenge audiences. What marketers are doing now can be improved dramatically. I tell them how…
  • The audience’s perspective shifts towards thinking about their products from consumers’ perspective.
  • The audience is armed with strong examples about what works and doesn’t work in technology marketing.
  • A high level of audience participation means faster, more effective integration of learned concepts into their work.
  • Consistently high marks from audience members means a highly satisfied staff or membership.

Broadcast Opportunities

  • Clients reach millions on broadcast television and radio.
  • Clients attain millions of dollars of broadcast exposure for a tiny fraction of the price.
  • Clients leverage my powerful message crafting and story telling.
  • Clients enjoy consumer exposure in the largest markets in the United States.
  • Clients gain huge value among consumers from The Technology Tailor’s endorsement.
  • Clients benefit from my entertaining, easy-to-understand presentation style.
  • Clients reap the benefits of connecting their brand with the trust consumers have in The Technology Tailor.
  • Clients get far more dramatic results — with NO surprises — on my broadcast programs than on any competing opportunity.

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