Coaching Programs of Association Executives

I’ve developed these coaching programs for association executives.

Each of these options begins with unlimited access to me by phone and email for anything you may be dealing with.

We will work together on the following items:

  • Growing your association through good marketing
  • Increasing overall revenue
  • Increasing sales per customer
  • Helping you think bigger, so you can grow your association more effectively
  • Dealing with and eliminating fears, roadblocks and hurdles
  • Increasing marketing activity
  • Building out systems and plans
  • Decreasing over-thinking and perfecting, while increasing action and execution
  • Maximizing the value of your investments in other areas of your organization. Better marketing leads to more revenue, which leads to a higher ROI on all of your investments
  • I will regularly lift you from daily routine to help you see how positively you are perceived by your market
  • Focus you and your team on your unique emotional value to your market
  • Build momentum for your business: action begets action, and success leads to more success!

It’s all fair game!

What can you bring me for review, analysis or advice?

Pretty much anything.

In all of the options detailed below, you get unlimited access to me, by phone and email. I repeat: contact me for any reason and get my feedback, advice, suggestions or reactions.

The following are examples of what is fair game:

  • Mindset / perception issues
  • Role plays
  • Language development
  • Elevator speeches (although I hate the term, and prefer value proposition)
  • Taking action and executing marketing
  • Developing marketing programs
  • Messaging advice
  • A prospect issue or challenge
  • A proposal review
  • A sales process
  • A Web site update review and recommendation
  • General questions or issues
  • Meeting preparation
  • Email reviews
  • Client issues
  • Testimonial gathering
  • Gathering qualitative insights from customers
  • Define and select vertical markets

Option 1: Ignition! 60 Days of Reactive Coaching — $1,695

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For a period of two months, you get unlimited access to me by phone and email to work on any of the issues detailed above. This is a reactive process: you ask, I answer. You drive the process. Bring me anything you may be dealing with, from your mindset and perceptions to proposals to growing your revenue per customer, and I will help you succeed.

Option 2: Liftoff! 90 Days of Proactive Coaching — $2,695

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This options includes all of the reactive coaching in option 1, plus a scheduled, 30 minute call or Skype conversation every two weeks. We’ll also have an hour-long call at the beginning of the program to lay out your plan and strategy; at the 45-day point to assess progress and tweak the plan; and at the end of our 90 days to assess results and detail your path forward. This option allows me to hold you accountable, create goals and strategies, and make sure you are executing the work (and taking the action!) to attain them.

Option 3: Escape Velocity! 90 Days Strategic Coaching & A Powerful Day Together — $3,800

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This option includes all of the value from Options 1 and 2, plus:

Critically, we will have an in-person working session. These typically last about three or four hours. We will use this time to lay out your strategy, goals and objectives. AND, we will create a plan, with specific action steps for you to attain them. We will have weekly calls (as opposed to the biweekly calls in Option 2) to cover your progress towards these goals, and I will hold you accountable towards meeting your objectives.

Our meeting can be held at your convenience, and you can come to me, or I can come to you (my travel expenses would be billed separately). Of course, we can always meet over drinks or cigars if you wish, which is when I’m most creative!

In this option, I will proactively call and email you to check in and see how you are progressing through your goals.

Bonuses & Goodies

* Every participant receives a copy of my book, Evangelist Marketing.

* Additionally, every coaching participant gets to attend my Growth Workshop, live on June 18, 2013, or receive the Recorded Experience with full video, materials and my personal review of the homework.

Terms and Details

* We begin as soon as you process your order. (Or on a convenient date for you, in the near future).

* You can pause our time together once for a maximum of two weeks, if you’re leaving town or other issues come up.

* There are no guarantees. I can’t control your effort, focus or attention. I can advise, teach, and suggest, but you are responsible for the implementation.

* As such, there are absolutely no refunds or returns.

Ready? Go!

Good marketing is about taking action. It’s about executing instead of dwelling. Good marketing is about taking the first step, then another, and then breaking out into a jog, run, and, finally, a sprint. Take the first step now. Select the option that’s right for you!


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