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Since Growth Masters is a new program, here’s what audience members who have participated Alex’s private workshops have to say:

“It was very good and went into greater detail than what I had heard from Alex at his speech at [my association]. I so feel committed to the 15-Minutes-Per-Day marketing plan! We came away from the seminars with a much more positive viewpoint of our own company and with a determination to move beyond our comfort level we had grown accustomed to. We recently acquired a competitor that can grow our company by 50%. Thank you for the push that we needed. ” — Tim Koenigs, President, Koenigs ProSource, Inc. 

“The day moved quickly, and was absolutely worth it. I have a ton of ideas about what I’d like to implement. Alex is great. And it was a wonderful group of attendees too!” — Barbara O’Conner, Executive Director, SmithBucklin

“Alex has an incredible ability to present marketing in a simple and logical way. It becomes easy to understand! He’s logical, and he shows us the way ahead. Exceptional presentation, well worth our international travel to attend!” — Dr. Mario Lemay, founder, Simplify

“I enjoyed the content and style of the presentation, as well as the open invitation to participate in the discussion. The material was relevant and to-the-point. The real value in this experience is the fact that we can start this work right now!” — Karl Heerdegen, CEO, The Northstar Group

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“The small group setting made it more comfortable. Alex related “common sense” knowledge in such a way as to create “Ah-Ha!” moments for me. These realizations can be readily and easily implemented!” — Marla Calico, COO, International Association of Fairs and Exposition

“I’ve been part of other presentations by Alex, and have subscribed to his video series. Today’s workshop continues to reinforce how simple marketing should be, yet we allow obstacles to get in the way. Alex teaches real action items that anyone can implement and practice.”  — Stan Klarenbeck, Senior Vice President, Versateq

“Alex offered very clear ideas early on. I think can implement a real marketing plan based on his suggestions. The session was a nice size and everyone offered a different perspective. I learned I have a lot of work to do!” — Carrie Siconolfi, President, Print Solutions Plus

“Alex went into great depth, which was very helpful. The free flow of the discussion and ideas was great. This was good practical advice which resulted in a valuable action plan. Great job Alex!!” — Tracy Parsons, Administrative Program Manager, American Board of Industrial Hygiene

“This was my first continuing education in years. It was refreshing, well-organized and informative. I especially liked the accountability factor. Alex is confident and knowledgable. This was very enjoyable. Thank you!” — Jane Ehrenstrom, Co-founder, The CARA Group

“Great information and material. Thanks Alex! Well worth the long trip and the price of admission. I’m pleased to have some actionable items that I will put to work as soon as I get back!” — Roger Bland, Managing Editor, GEARS Magazine. 

“Excellent workshop! Well thought-out and a great systematic approach.” — Kevin Lynch, Executive Vice President, ComBlu

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“Great take-away value. The exercises in particular were very helpful!” — Matthew Kaseeska, CEO, NetWorks Consulting Resources

“Alex’s approach to marketing is simple and non-complicated. He gives you the confidence to know that if you utilize his techniques, you will grow your business! I appreciated the permission to “not be afraid” to market, and the reminder to not wait until it’s perfect. I learned that there are three types of mailing: one-on-one, entire list, and smaller groups from the list. As Alex said, marketing is sending value and help, not selling!” — Laura Rudzinski, Executive Director, National Institute of Pension Administrators

“This workshop made me take the time to stop, reflect, and step out of my comfort zone to create a marketing plan with fresh ideas that I can start doing tomorrow!” — Kathy Koenigs, Vice President, Koenigs ProSource, Inc.

“This was a very good, thought-provoking session. I’m energized to be accountable about marketing my company. Alex is a very engaging speaker!” — Dave Carlin,  Vice President Sales & Marketing, Prograde

“It was good to be forced to focus on key, actionable marketing activities to grow my company.” — Tim Rasmussen, Vice President of Marketing & Client Strategy RBO Print Logistics. 

“This was simple and easy-to-implement content. A really good presentation, I felt engaged!” — Gail Rutkowski, Executive Director National Shippers Strategic Transportation Council

“Alex is very engaging and easy to relate to. It serves as a good reminder to stop the “busy” and start working proactively.  I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. It makes me think about how I can best present my organization to new clients.” — Megan Barry, Operations Coordinator, PSDA

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“I particularly enjoyed the material on being proactive versus reactive. I find this valuable personally, professionally and in my charitable work. The presentation was engaging, interesting and relatable.” — Sarah Kohler, Association Coordinator, SmithBucklin

“I enjoyed the entire session. I enjoyed getting the lists of activities and the marketing planner. It was invigorating to be in the audience. It helps to get me thinking creatively again!” — Tracey Byron, Marketing Director ICCP

“This was a tremendous experience and very affirming on what I need to make time to do. Simple and effective! Alex offers persuasive and compelling reasons to change self-limiting mindsets.” — Sue Alexander — Director of Education, International Society for Clinical Densitometry 

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