Private Advising Programs

There are many ways to work with me. You might have a specific project in mind. Perhaps you’re launching a product and need help explaining what’s great about this product with compelling, powerful language. Or maybe you want to position your brand in a competitive market. I can definitely help you with that. I’ve done this kind of work for some of the best known brands in the world. One vice president of a well-known consumer electronics brand simply said, “Help me describe what’s great about my product.”  These are consulting projects, and my clients will tell you they’ve never attained better results than when they’ve worked with me.

But a lot of people come to me for personal development. I am often asked to help individuals execute their job functions. They want my help with a variety of issues, from language to communications techniques, from creating and suggesting press releases to building media relationships, from utilizing powerful platforms to leveraging consumer word-of-mouth.

In response, I’ve created the Private Advising Programs detailed on this page. There are three programs:




This is a one-on-one coaching and development relationship that lasts for six months. I’ve designed this process for marketing, public relations and media associates, managers and executives who work for manufacturers and their agencies. I am available to you by phone and e-mail, as you require, as often as you require. Here’s how our work would look:

  • Working on talking points for a new promotion? I would help you perfect them.
  • Sending a press release? I’d help you craft it.
  • Strategizing a new client pitch meeting? I’d help you position yourself against the competition.
  • Brainstorming ideas for generating editorial coverage for clients? I’d brainstorm with you.
  • You also automatically get my free, monthly Technology Tailor Public Relations newsletter

The key here is I’m available as you need me, and when you need me. All e-mails and phone calls are returned within two hours during business hours.

This is a reactive process. You ask, I answer.


Guided Development

This program is designed for marketing and public relations associates, managers and executives who work for manufacturers and their agencies.

This program includes everything in the one above, with these powerful additions:

  • We’ll hold regularly scheduled monthly 60-minute phone calls, reviewing your clients, their products, and your planned activities for them.
  • We lay out your goals and priorities for the month on these calls.
  • Throughout the month, I help you pursue and attain these goals by phone and e-mail, as you need.
  • I help hold you accountable.
  • In addition, if you have specific questions on items like language, press releases or positioning, I am, of course, here to help you with those.

Executive Mentoring

This program is designed for marketing and public relations executives at manufacturers and agencies, and includes everything in both of the above programs, with these additions:

  • We will meet twice, in person.
  • The first meeting will occur at the beginning of our work, where we’ll lay out your strategy to attack your goals and top priorities.
  • The second meeting will occur approximately four months into our work together, a sort of rocket boost for your pursuit of your goals.
  • We will also hold monthly phone calls to review your successes and challenges, and plan for the next month’s work.
  • In between, at any time, and as much you’d like, you can access me by phone and e-mail for anything you wish. As always, I will respond either immediately, or within two hours.
  • The meetings take place as mutually convenient.
  • Access to my monthly Executive Mentoring video — covering the major issues and challenges public relations executives deal with you.

Contact me directly to discuss these options, and to start your own private advising program:

Phone: 847-459-6322

Email: alex @ technologytailor . com

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