2012 Evangelist Marketing Teleconference Series


Besides my upcoming book, Evangelist Marketing, this first-ever teleconference series is my lowest priced offering. Here are the details:

Each teleconference will be held on the second Wednesday of each month, from March to December, at noon eastern time (EST). You may sign up for one at a time, or for the entire 2012 series at a significant discount. If you have purchased my book, you get the series at half price.

Each teleconference will last about minutes. We’ll send dial-in instructions about one week before each session, and then one reminder a day or two prior. Everyone who signs up will also receive an MP3 recording of the session repeat listening. If you miss the live session, you can still listen to the recording.

2012 Evangelist Marketing Teleconference Series Lineup

Wednesday March 14, 2012
Sucessful Marketing Mindset Shifts — How to Think Like The Very Best Marketers

Price: $49
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The best marketers in the world have changed the way think about their business, their customers, and their products and services. To create the most powerful kind of marketing — the kind that creates evangelists —  I’ve found that certain shifts in mindset are required. For example: you don’t create products or deliver services; rather, you improve lives and companies. Another example: you’re not in the technology business (or the consulting, auto, appliance, etc. business) — you’re in the marketing business. In this teleconference, I’ll cover the six major mindset shifts required to consistently create powerful marketing. You’ll shift your outlook and dramatically improve your marketing.

Wednesday April 11, 2012
Killing Commodities — How to Elevate Your Product or Service to Singular Status

Price: $49
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Most products and services are perceived as commodities. In this teleconference I’ll teach you the traits that singular products and services share, so you can implement them into your offerings. For example, the most successful products exude a feel-good-factor (I call this FGF). Simply using these products make customers feel good. We’ll dive into this trait and the others, so you can break the shackles of commodity status and elevate your products and services into singular status. When you’re perceived as singular, there’s no competition. There’s no choice but you. In this teleconference, I’ll teach you how to become singular.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012
How to Price Your Products & Services

Price: $49
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Your market has been trained to have certain expectations as to the appropriate price for your product and/or service. Price your offerings too high, or too low, and you’re voluntarily throwing up hurdles for yourself in an already difficult business environment. We’ll discuss your customers’ pricing expectations — and how to change them. If you don’t think it’s possible to succeed outside of the market’s pricing expectations, just look at Apple (shifted customers’ pricing expectations up). And, for that matter, Vizio (shifted expectations for what a TV should cost down!). We’ll discuss how you can apply these incredibly valuable lessons to your own offerings.

Wednesday June 13, 2012
Avoid Early Adopters & Go Straight to Mainstream Customers

Price: $49
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In Geoffrey Moore’s classic book, Crossing the Chasm, he talks about the chasm between early adopters and mainstream consumers. The visual is a bell curve, and there’s a gap between the two groups. In my experience with technology companies, these two groups are not only not on the same graph, they’re on different planets! In this teleconference I’ll discuss the dangers and significant downsides of focusing on the early adopter market and why you should begin with the mainstream.

Wednesday July 11, 2012
How — and Why — to Gather Powerful Customer Insights

Price: $49

The most effective marketing begins with deep insights from your customers. I’m not talking about focus groups or Internet surveys. Rather, I’m suggesting lengthy qualitative interviews with your customers. You must know what they want from you, how they think about you, how they use your product or service exactly and what they wish to see from you. I’ll tell you how to gather these insights, what questions to ask, and how to apply the powerful insights you gather.

Wednesday August 8, 2012
Language is Everything: How to Create Wildly Effective Messaging

Price: $49

The best marketing messages are simple, straightforward and non-technical. They focus on value, lifestyle, and life-improvement. They do not focus on your product or service’s features and functionalities. In this teleconference we’ll focus on language, stories and how to create powerful marketing messaging. And we’ll also address the optimal frequency of communication. How much is too much? When should you stop or pause talking to your customers? All this and more in this hour-long session.

Wednesday September 12, 2012
How Poor Public Relations Kills Products & Services

Price: $49

What is public relations? For our purposes it’s effective communication with the media about your products and services. And in my experience, as a long-time former technology columnist for the Chicago Tribune, horrible PR often single-handedly kills off multi-million dollar products. Further, the entire public relations function is being mis-used and poorly leveraged. PR professionals can be so much more valuable to a business if used properly. In this teleconference we’ll discuss the common PR problems that many companies deal with — and the solutions.

Wednesday October 10, 2012
How to Create Press Releases That Work

Price: $49

You don’t need me to tell you that most press releases are not only ineffective, but they actually harm the product or service they’re discussing. Most press releases have terrible headlines, poor opening paragraphs (which are supposed to grab, not kill, attention), and boring bodies which nearly nobody reads. Further, these releases are sent en masse, to hundreds of journalists at a time. Almost always, the sender does not have a relationship with the recipients. In this hour-long teleconference, I will teach to write better press releases. After that, I will tell you how to actually get them placed with media that will cover what you’re pitching.

Wednesday November 14, 2012
Choosing the Right Platforms: How to  Sure The Right People Hear Your Messaging

Price: $49

In this teleconference, I’ll discuss social media: how much time and energy should you direct there? And how effective is an effective social media campaign? I’ll also cover mainstream print and broadcast media, new online media,  and other platforms which are wildly underused. Like what? Like product packaging and product manuals. In fact, product packaging may be one of the most misused and mis-leveraged tools available. We’ll look at what characteristics the most effective packaging and manuals share. Choosing the right platforms is a rate-determining-step in your marketing success. We’ll discuss.

Wednesday December 14, 2012
Thinking Big

Price: $49

One of the most common problems I see among my clients is corporation-wide small thinking. Most companies simply think defensively, and this is systematic. Conversely, the most successful companies in business think big: they think aggressively, creatively, and they act quickly. They don’t get bogged down in details. They create strong plan, and then they execute it. If it doesn’t work, they make corrections. They try again. Or they simply kill it and move on to the next big idea. But most companies never get past potential problems. Their ideas never see the light of day. Just in time for the new year, this December teleconference will teach you how to think big, think creatively, and think aggressively.



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