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An overview of Alex Goldfayn’s Speeches
Topic 1: Creating Evangelists: Ten Ways To Develop Passionate Brand Evangelists
Topic 2: Thinking Big: How to Develop a Powerful Marketing Mindset
Topic 3: Language is Everything: How to Create Extraordinarily Powerful Marketing Messaging
Topic 4: Killing Commodities: How to Elevate Your Product or Service to Special or Singular Status
Topic 5:  Powerful Public Relations: How to Execute PR For Maximum Earned Media
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Speech Topics:

Creating Evangelists: Ten Ways To Develop Passionate Brand Evangelists

A powerful session on creating the best kind of customer, the evangelist.

I help clients develop customer evangelists, who I define as passionate, trusting, forgiving, highly communicative, publicly defending, hyper-repeat buyers. Who wouldn’t want more of them, right?!

In this session, I will present 10 practical techniques to develop these evangelists. These approaches are affordable (most are free), straightforward, and based on my deep experience with doing this work for clients. Here are the first three approaches:

  • Developing evangelist customers requires that you think BIG, instead of carefully and defensively.
  • Good marketing demands shameless communication.  Marketing is no place for modesty
  • Stop sending press releases to journalists. They hurt you more than they help you. (I’ll describe a far more effective approach to obtaining earned media.)
I’ll elaborate on these three techniques, and detail seven more.
“Good practical tips and practices to increase my marketing approach. Many a-has regarding how I am doing. Alex was passionate and humorous!”  — Susan Fignar — Pur-sue Inc

Thinking Big: How to Develop a Powerful Marketing Mindset

A valuable session on changing your mindset so that you can create and execute more powerful marketing. Mindset shapes so much of what we do: from the work at our desk to how we interact with nearly everyone, from colleagues to customers to prospective customers. Here is the progression from mindset to new review:

How you think forms how you perceive and behave. Your perceptions and behaviors influence the language that you use to communicate about yourself, your company and your product or service. Your language shapes the quality of your connections with customers. And, of course, your connections determine your revenue. Mindset is the first and most important element. Nothing is possible without it.

This speech explores these connection and teaches how to perfect your mindset to revolutionize your marketing.

“Loved the reminders to believe in yourself and be shameless and relenteless in communicating. Good advice to put emotional “hook” ahead of technical details. Good speaker. Clear visuals. Good repetition. Funny and charismatic speaker!” — Tina Tranfaglia, Fast Forward Innovation

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Language is Everything: How to Create Extraordinarily Powerful Marketing Messaging

What are the characteristics of the most powerful marketing messaging?

Where does it come from?

How do you create it?

This speech answers these questions by laying out 10 rules and best practices of the most effective marketing language you can develop.

Some examples: Be shameless. Marketing is no place for modesty. Focus on your value, not your system or process. Communicate constantly. Be relentless. If you stop communicating, competitors will fill the empty space nearly instantly.

We’ll cover these items and a great deal more in this session.

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Killing Commodities: How to Elevate Your Product or Service to Special or Singular Status

There are three types of products and services, in my experience: commodities (about 90 percent of all products and services on the market); special products or services (about 9 percent); and singular, culture shifting products and service (1 percent).

This speech discuss the characteristics of each category, and, critically, how you can elevate your product or service to special or singular status.

For example: special products are aspirational. They make people feel good (I call this FGF, or feel-good-factor). And the key is that there are specific actions you can take — both on the product/service development front as well as on the marketing front — that will elevate how your product is perceived by your market.

I’ll tell you all about these practical, straightforward  actions in this speech.

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Powerful Public Relations: How to Execute PR For Maximum Earned Media

Most public relations hurts companies more than it helps. That is, when young, unsophisticated media relations people blast news releases to thousands of media by email, your chances of success are nearly zero.

Conversely, when senior executives develop relationships with key media members in 10 minutes per day or less, you will generate earned media — quite literally — whenever you ask for it.

As a former syndicated Chicago Tribune columnist (on the receiving end of tens of thousands of press releases, easily) I’ll discuss why the current model doesn’t work, and lay out a practical, easy-to-follow step-by-step approach to obtaining more earned media than you’ll know what to do with.

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