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“Love your ‘tell it like it is’ style, Alex! Amazing, powerful, beautiful, simple distillation of what’s most important to marketers. You included us all so nicely and tailored the talk to us.” — Mary Conley Eggert, TechImage


No PowerPoint. That’s first. I hate sitting through speeches that use PowerPoint, especially with lots of text. If I’m bored, you’ll be bored too. That said, there are plenty of visuals, models, videos and other high-value learning material in my talks. I’ll simply never take you through a speech using a PowerPoint presentation.

High Interactivity. I invite conversation. If somebody in your audience has a question, others are probably thinking it too. So we’ll stop to discuss a lot. I’m constantly asking for questions, thoughts, disagreements and arguments (because if you disagree with me, I’ve made you think, and I’m happy!).

Immediately Practical. I focus every event on the audience’s specific needs, and your objectives for them as the organizer. Every one of my sessions is filled with instantly applicable techniques, tools and approaches. We focus on thoughts and actions that will lead to success in each audience member’s job. They’ll be able to apply the lessons.

Powerful Tools and Gifts. Most audiences get at least one of my books, on me. For each audience, I also create generous discounts for various learning and development programs. For example, there are frequently price reductions for my Evangelist Marketing Master Class and also for my teleconference series. In other words, I do everything possible so that your members or employees go home happy!

Total Customization. I tailor each presentation to every specific audience. Before the session, I strive to understand your group’s work, their challenges, and what signifies success for them. I also totally customize the talks to meet your objectives as the organizer. What do you want to accomplish at this session? What do you want attendees to come away with? What’s important to you? I work to understand this ahead of the meeting, and then craft every session to meet those objectives.

Entertainment. We’ll laugh a lot. We’ll think together. We’ll grow together.

“The focus on entrepreneurs in the marketing services industry as lousy marketers was brilliant. And impressive you did on the fly, based on intros.” — John McGarr, Fresh Squeezed Ideas. 

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