10 Tips For Making Change

It’s hard enough to make change for ourselves. We read a book, or make a resolution, and then it’s time to start. Few people actually begin implementing their change, and fewer still actually develop the new behaviors they were trying to create. 

 Change that is foisted upon us by management is even more difficult. Many of us don’t want this change. Or, perhaps, we don’t want this change. After all,this change wasn’t even our idea! 

 As you know, I make change for my clients for a living. That’s what revenue growth is: changing how your organization thinks and behaves. Here are ten tips for creating personal and organizational change: 

 Behavior change does not happen without thinking change. If you want todo something differently, you must change how you perceive the matter.

  1. In general, we must preemptively remove the reasons we will try to avoid the behaviors.
  2. Break the change down into short, quick actions. Three minutes is always better than 30. One minute is better still. There’s a reason the did you know question takes three seconds to ask.
  3. Make sure your new behaviors are easy. If they’re hard, you’ll avoid them. If your plan is to “lose 30 pounds” that’s hard. If your plan is to replace your morning muffin with a banana, that’s more likely. Then repeat.
  4. That’s the thing about long-term change: It’s nothing more than starting and repeating. Start as soon as possible. Like, today. Now. You don’t need a big plan. You just need to start. Then, repeat. Many time a day, for many weeks and months.
  5. But short, quick plans are good. Spend 5-10 minutes on an outline of a plan for the week. Five to ten minutes is good. Five to ten hours is dysfunctional.
  6. Understand exactly why you want to change. What’s the benefit of this change? Who will benefit?
  7. Further, understand what will happen if you don’t make this change. What’s the downside of maintaining the status quo? Detail it.
  8. We need accountability. Somebody must be expecting your progress reports. Somebody who won’t let you off the hook.
  9. Sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and get through it. Don’t take it easy on yourself. If the work is important enough, do the damn work. Be strong. Do the work.

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