It’s May 1.

 The year is one-third over. 

That means you have 34 weeks left to help as many people as you can, as much as you can. 

That’s 170 weekdays, counting today. That’s a lot of days to make a lot of money. 

What will you do? Who will you help? How will you communicate with your customers and prospects? 

Who will you call? This month? This week? Today? 

Existing customers are easy. And they do deserve more of your help, so let them know what else they can buy. Because, right now, today, they don’t know.

But what about prospects? Who will you talk to — this week, or even today — who is buying from the competition currently but would be so much better off with you? Make the list. Then make the calls. 

One of my clients — a lumber distributor — asks his sales staff to meet face-to-face each week with people they have not talked to in six months or more. This also happens to be one of my successful clients, growing spectacularly. This is not an accident. 

Who hasn’t heard from you in six months or more that you need to meet with this month? This week? 

Who has mentioned referrals to you in the first four months of this year that you have not called? What are the names of the referrals? Make the list. Make the calls. 

What will you do in the next eight months to make sure people who can pay you are hearing from you far more? 

Because that’s all sales growth comes down to: Let them hear from you more. And they will buy from you more. 

What will you do? 


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