Every day, smart, state-of-the-art products are created and released onto store shelves. Unfortunately, millions of customers either won’t know or just won’t care. This is because there’s an industry-wide marketing failure among consumer electronics companies that is causing billions of sales dollars to be left on the table. The product might be first-rate, but if everything from the ad language to the packag- ing is wrong, success with mainstream consumers is nearly impossible.

In Evangelist Marketing: What Apple, Amazon, and Netflix Understand About Their Customers (That Your Company Probably Doesn’t), Alex L. Goldfayn argues that technology companies succeed in spite of their marketing, not because of it, and he breaks down what more than 98 percent of consumer electronics companies get wrong over and over again: everything from overly technical advertising to poor press releases to horrific product manuals.

Then, Goldfayn lays out a step-by-step system for creating intensely loyal brand evangelists, so that companies large and small can maximize the potential of their products.

The products don’t need to change. The marketing does.


What is a brand evangelist?

Mainstream consumers. Surrounded by a network of other mainstream consumers, brand evangelists are the people you want backing (and buying) your product.

Passionate customers. Evangelists think and talk about your products with a level of energy that rivals that of die-hard sports fans.

News hunters. Evangelists seek out information about your new product releases. They discuss the ins and outs of your prod- ucts with friends, family, colleagues, retail clerks, and strangers they encounter using your product.

Communicators. They talk to people about how wonderful your products are, and they are the foundation of your word-of- mouth buzz efforts.

Trusting buyers. If you say it is so, your evangelists tend to believe you.

Forgiving consumers. Product errors? Embarrassing public relations? Security risks? No problem. Your evangelists perceive these issues as accidents, occurring unintentionally. The good always outweighs the drawbacks for evangelists.

And, most importantly:

Hyper-repeat customers. Some people read every book their favorite author writes. Evangelists buy as many of your products as possible. If you make it, they will buy it.

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