Google and Apple

Apple has blocked the Google Voice application for the iPhone. [podcast]http://evangelistmktg.com/audio/08-07%20-%20Tech%20Tailor.mp3[/podcast]

Tech Growth Means Economic Growth

Technology company growth and success is a good sign for overall economic growth and improvement.  Alex discusses some recent examples. [podcast]http://evangelistmktg.com/audio/07-16%20-%20Tech%20Tailor.mp3[/podcast]

Never Too Old to Blog

Maria Amelia Lopez from Mexico was 95 years old the first time she went online.  She began to blog and that changed her life.  Check out her blog at amis95.blogspot.com....

Are Newspapers Dying?

We keep hearing that Newspapers are dying and are being replaced by online content, cell phones, and the Amazon Kindle.  Even though we can obtain a great deal of information electronically there is still nothing like like getting your newspaper in the morning and...

$4,756 for Text Messaging

A 13 year old girl sent 10,000 text messages and received as just as many.  Her parents did no know how much she was texting until they received her cell phone bill for $4,756.  The girl’s dad disabled phone with a hammer....