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I have worked with Fortune 50 companies and Fortune 500 companies. I advise startups, mid-markets and publicly traded firms. Here’s what they all have in common: white-paper

Their product and service is often much better – MUCH better – than their marketing. Which means that many companies are succeeding in spite of their marketing rather than because of it. Sure, you may be doing “well enough” but how do you know your revenue wouldn’t increase significantly if you implemented some simple, no-cost marketing techniques?

My experience is that if you want to grow your revenue, there is no easier, more effective, and more immediate way to do so than to improve your marketing.

Marketing is the fastest path to increasing your sales. It’s the low-hanging fruit. And, ironically, tragically, it is one of the most overlooked revenue generating tools at most organizations.

Which is why I put this white paper together: to arm you with six practical, easy, fast, and no-cost marketing tips and techniques. If implemented, any one of these approaches can grow your sales significantly. (A short section on action concludes this white paper.) 

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