Six non-holiday weeks remain this year — 30 business days, including today.

That’s plenty of time to finish the year out strong.

That’s more than enough time to follow up on open opportunities and move them toward a quote or proposal…

To follow up on outstanding quotes you have out there…

To call current customers, ask about their holiday plans, and ask what products or services they’d like to secure before the year ends…

To call prospects you got close with, but who did not buy.

Your language is:

“I was thinking about you with the year winding down. Are you ready…

…for me to write up that quote or proposal we’ve been discussing?

…to send me the P.O. for that quote you asked for?

…to add product x, y, or z now?

…to consider working together on that project we were talking about?

…Because I’d love to help you with that.”

(Bonus language: “May as well lock in this year’s price, right? Because ours are going up along with everyone else’s next year.”)

You were thinking about them.

And you’d like to help.

That’s your opening and closing for conversations in these final weeks of 2022.

That’s your opening and closing to finish the year strong!

By Alex Goldfayn