Something different this week. 

 I got bored of doing videos on YouTube, so I tried one on LinkedIn a few days ago. 

 You can watch it here:


It has been viewed an order of magnitude more than my Youtube videos ever were. Which is ironic, and really really interesting. So this will not be the last time you see me posting a video here. In fact, it’s probably the first many. 

Now, here’s what it’s about:

 We go through our days reactively, from one incoming inquiry, concern, or problem, to the next. But sales growth is a proactive effort. We must make time for it. We don’t need hours every day, or even an hour. We simply need to look for opportunities in inject and infuse some proactive questions into our existing conversations. Think: did you know questions; referral requests; reverse did you know questions; and pivots to the sale. 

Watch the video here.

 My clients achieve 10 to 20% sales growth annually by systematizing proactive communications by their customer-facing staff. To discuss doing this at your firm, call me directly at 847-459-6322, or just reply to this email.