We are in the middle of a pandemic, and our customers and prospects are more available than they’ve ever been.

They are not running around to meetings.

They are not traveling anywhere.

They are at their desk like we are.

They sit with their phones nearby, as we do.

And yet, our customers almost never get phonically from salespeople on their phone when nothing is wrong. 

That’s the key.

They only hear from salespeople when there is a problem:

They can’t get the product there on time.

They don’t have enough.

The price is going up.

But they do not hear from us when nothing is wrong.

I know this because customers tell me. And they tell my clients.

Customers say that when we call them to connect and see how we can help, we are the only ones making these calls.

Calls where we ask about them and their families.

Where we ask about the kids and school and how summer was.

Where we ask what they’re working on that we can help with.

Helpful calls.

Relationship calls.

Human calls.

These calls are almost non-existent these days.

Make these calls.

And you will be the only one.

And your customers will remember you forever.

If you would like to add significant sales growth annually — as my clients — especially now in this pandemic environment, call me at 847-459-6322.