First, my wife, Lisa, and I would like to wish you and your family a happy, safe and relaxing Thanksgiving.

Second, as you make your plans for next year, here are some ways we can work together to grow your sales in 2022:

I can keynote your sales meeting: If you plan on gathering your sales team next year, a session with me would build energy, confidence, boldness, positivity and optimism while arming salespeople with proven, fast-acting techniques for sales growth.

I can speak at your association or executive group event: About 50 times a year, I present my systems for predictable sales growth at association and executive group meetings. Contact me by replying to this email (or call the number below), and I’ll send you my topics.

My team can gather the incredibly positive feedback and testimonials from your happy customers: Because your salespeople only hear from customers who have a problem or urgent request, it’s easy to lose sight of how happy the vast majority of your (quiet) customers really are. My customer interviewing experts can obtain powerful, mindset-changing testimonials via brief interviews with these happy customers. These will motivate and energize your customer-facing staff will building confidence so that they can pick up the phone and sell proactively.

You can hire me to create 15-30% annual sales growth at your organization. These are sales doing projects, not sales training. We have to do things to grow sales, not just know things. If you’d like to generate the 15-30% annual revenue growth — which is what my clients average — give me a call or reply to this email and we can talk about what these six-to-twelve-month projects look like, and more importantly, the value and growth they can generate for you.

How to reach me: You can reply to this email, or simply call or text me directly at 847-459-6322.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Alex Goldfayn

847-459-6322 direct