Sales Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving week unfurls, I find myself thinking about gratitude, luck and sales. 

 I am, like many of you, lucky to be working in America, where the amount of money we make is determined directly by how hard we work, and how hard we persevere. 

 I am lucky because when I struggle, I get to struggle here. I get to overcome challenges here

 I am thankful that my parents overcome unspeakable fear to bring me to this amazing place when I was two years old. They didn’t know English, they didn’t know anybody, and they had $20 of U.S. money.

 Speaking of fear, I am grateful that it is only scary in our heads. In reality, when the customer rejects us — which is our greatest fear — nothing actually happens. Not death. Not mortgage default. But nothing. We simply move on to the next customer. 

 I am grateful that our customers pick up the phone, and are happy to hear from us, because not many people call them anymore. I am thankful that when a salesperson tells me “my customers don’t want me to call,” we both know he means a tiny minority of them — in the single digits. 

I am grateful that for those of us in sales, it’s easy to stand out.

All we have to do is care!

 If we show our customers we care to help them more, they will thank us with more business, and we get to take more money home to our families.

How lucky are we?!

Back to perseverance: I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that perseverance turns no’s into yesses. Because perseverance is one of the most powerful ways to show customers that we care.

I’m grateful for customers who become friends, and make up the great majority of my clients.

 I get to work with my friends, improve their companies, grow their sales, and help their staff take home more money to their families.

 I am thankful that when we ask for referrals from our good customers we get them.

 I appreciate that when we tell our customers about what else they can buy from us, they frequently buy it, because they need those things too, and they’d rather buy it from us than from the competition.

 I am grateful that when we ask for the business, we often get it.

 I am grateful that growing sales is simple.

 All we have to do is care. And try. And try again.

 And when we do, our customers are grateful for us. 

 And they then they pay us money.

 That’s amazing! 

 From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

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