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Since we’ve been working withAlex, we’re definitely reaching out to people more often, and that’s generating more money for us. Without this focus,, you have intentions to talk to new people and more people, but Alex’s planner, it makes you do it. Working with Alex makes you do the work. We’re in different frame of minds. Our attitude now is the more that you reach out to to people, the more they’re going to buy!

Leo Colantuono

Sales Manager, Biewer Lumber

Last year we were a $7.5M company. This year we’ll do over $10 million. We’ve grown by 33% because of what Alex has done for us, which has been phenomenal!

Randy Marcello

President, Baton Rouge Noland, a Winsupply company

I think the most important thing that I can tell you is that I would not want my competition to work with Alex, because this is powerful stuff.

Glenn Beyerl

President, KPM Exceptional - a leading distributor of outdoor power equipment

One of the biggest words I think I’m hearing that was attributed to your work, is the word fun. I feel like this work that we’re doing together has injected fun back into the company.

Joshua Hudson

Co-owner Hudson’s Furniture