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Not Every Prospect Makes a Good Customer

  Not all prospects make good customers and how sometime it’s best to get out of there and let the competition deal with this prospect that most certainly become an awful customer.

How to Ask For Referrals So You Get them 66% of the Time

On today’s show we go over the three essential steps for my referral plan to help increase your sales.

The Dreaded Four-Letter F-Word in Sales

Today we talk about the four letter word that keeps us from selling more.

How Over-Planning Kills Sales and What To Do About It

How perfectionism and fear can stop us from acting. Today we learn that it’s the doing that makes the money, not the planning.

Listen to This Before Your Next Sales Call — Remember How Good You Are!

Your customers have great things to say about you. Change your emotions and change your behavior.

Silence is Money: How To Grow Your Sales By Staying Silent

How to strategically use the most underutilized technique in sales. Silence.

Do You Think You Can, or Do You Think You Can’t? How Your Beliefs Shape Your Mindset…and Your Sales!

The power of belief in the power of sales and individual sales calls. Do you think you can or do you think you can’t?

The Long Lost Telephone Part 2: Who to Call & What To Say

We continue our conversation about pro-active phone calls and their incredible power to add sales quickly. Today we look at who to call and what to say.

The Long Lost Telephone Part 1: The Incredible Power of Proactive Phone Calls in Sales Growth

Today we talk about the neglected, forgotten about, highly technical, selling tool called…the telephone.

A Short History of Positive Psychology & Its Huge Impact on Sales Growth

The new science of positive psychology and how it’s basic concepts of perseverance, confidence, and gratitude can help you sell more now.