Grow your sales quickly and easily with Alex Goldfayn, author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller, Selling Boldly. Alex is the CEO of the Evangelist Marketing Institute, LLC., a revenue growth consultancy that helps clients grow by 15-20% in their first year of working with him. He is among the top-rated and most requested sales speakers in the world, motivating sales teams, managers, executives and owners to take simple action which will grow their business. Alex delivers more than 50 keynotes speeches and workshops on sales growth per year.

Listen To This Before Your Next Sales Call — You Can’t Lose!

Get yourself into the right mindset to increase your odds of closing the sale and re-frame your next sales call so you can’t lose!

The Massive Difference Between Reactive Selling and Proactive Selling

Separate yourself from the competition by getting out of the reactive selling habit and start selling proactively.

Grow Sales Immediately By Offering Additional Products & Services

How asking the “Did you Know Question” can increase your sales and help save your customers time. 

Introduction to the Sell More Now Podcast

Welcome to the Sell More Now Podcast. What makes this show different from other sales podcasts? We’ll discuss how I got here, why we’re doing a show, and how this podcast will help you Sell More Now!