Pre Purchase SELLING BOLDLY and Get These Free Goodies

Thanks for visiting this page about pre-ordering my new book, Selling Boldly. Pre-publication sales of a new book determine the support it gets from the publisher, wholesalers, and even the retailers.

These first sales are the most important ones in building momentum for a book. So, if you purchase a copy of Selling Boldly prior to April 13, 2018 (which is the end of the book's first week on the market), I would like to give you the following free gifts as a proper thank you:


There are two options for free pre-order goodies:

OPTION ONE: Simply pre-order the book from any retailer before April 13, and get:

  • Free admission to a special one-time live webinar on April 18 where I will take you through the key concepts in the book, including the critical mindset shifts required to sell more quickly. I'll also lead you through filling out several of the key planners used in the book, so you can create your own plan to significantly increase your sales.
  • An immediate free PDF download of 100 Revenue Growth Questions to Ask Your Customers & Prospects. These are the same questions detailed in the book.

OPTION TWO: If you pre-order and share details about Selling Boldly with your e-mail list, LinkedIn connections, and/or Facebook friends, I'd like to offer you the following:

  • Both of the items offered in Option One -- participation in the live webinar on April 18, as well as the immediate free download of my 100 Revenue Growth Questions pdf.
  • I'll send you a free BOLD t-shirt designed especially for Selling Boldly readers! (Limited to 1,000 shirts total; one per person.
  • We'll send you an additional free signed hardcover copy of Selling Boldly!
    • For logistics purposes, we will ship the books and t-shirts to U.S. addresses only. I'm sorry for this, as I know we have many readers from all over the world, but our system is simply not equipped to handle international shipping. 



If you choose OPTION ONE: After preordering your book, simply send your receipt in any format by email to We will confirm your purchase, and send you an email with your free download, and your webinar log-in details.

If you choose OPTION TWO:  and pre-order Selling Boldly and share details about the book with your list, LinkedIn connections, or Facebook friends (along with a link of where to buy), please send a link or screen shot to Upon confirmation, we'll send you the download, and instructions on the webinar.  We'll also ask for your mailing address so we can get you your signed book and your t-shirt. **To be clear, this offer does not apply to tweets, but for sharing some details about Selling Boldly with your email list, Facebook friends, or LinkedIn connections.**

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