The following presentations are available as 60 to 90 minutes sessions. They are fast-paced, and deliver a huge amount of education in a short period of time.

When you get me live, you get an entertaining, easy-to-understand presentation that arms your audience with a long list of immediately applicable lessons.

Every session I do is customized to your audience. With my client’s permission, I will often speak to four or five members of the audience by phone during the preparation of your speech, and I’ll incorporate their issues and challenges into the talk (usually anonymously).

Various levels and styles of materials are also included. Most clients opt for the high-end professionally designed, printed and bound booklets — this way, the lessons learned in our short time together are always available.

Many of my clients also take advantage of the available post-speech coaching — by conference call in groups, or one-on-one by phone and email.

Available Topics

Here are the available topics. Of course, if there’s a consumer electronics-related talk you need that isn’t listed here, just give me a call. About one-third of the speeches I do are not listed here, and are created based on clients’ requests.

How to Create Consumer Electronics Evangelists: A Proven Process for Creating Intensely Loyal, Passionate Consumers

  • Good consumer tech marketing begins with consumer insights
  • How to find properly understand how your consumers think about your product categories
  • How to involve consumers in your marketing strategy process
  • Language is everything: How to talk about your products
  • Communications platforms
  • Powerful broadcast media techniques
  • Click here for a detailed explanation of my approach to this topic.

How Public Relations Kills Consumer Electronics and What to Do About It

  • Why press releases kill
  • How to improve language
  • Stop pitching and start helping
  • How to get consumers involved in your messaging creation, and why it’s critical
  • Never repeat anything your engineers say. Ever.
  • Click here to read my PR Week column on this topic.

How to Price Consumer Electronics: Lessons from The Consumer Pricing Expectations Range (CPER)

  • What is the CPER?
  • The dangers of pricing your product outside the CPER
  • What companies have successfully moved the CPER, and how
  • Where does your company fall on the CPER range? How does this compare to your competition
  • A discussion of the most effective price points for your products
  • Click here for a detailed article about the CPER.

How to Turn Commodities into Singular Products (Hint: It’s All About Marketing)

  • Perception is everything
  • The three categories of consumer electronics products — I call it the Product Category Continuum
  • What it takes to move your product from Commodity to Special
  • How to move your product from Special to Singular
  • Where your company’s products fit on the continuum and what to do about it
  • Click here, here and here for articles I’ve written about the Product Category Continuum.

100 Consumer Electronics Marketing Best Practices

  • That’s right. 100 best practices in 60 to 90 minutes
  • Rapid-fire tips, techniques, thoughts and suggestions about how to perfect your marketing.
  • Best practices are categorized by Product Names, Pricing, Language, Communications Platforms, and many others
  • A special half-day version of this presentation is available to dive into more detail about each tip.

Additional Program Details

Each of the speeches detailed here can be delivered in 60 or 90 minutes, with the exception of the 100 Best Practices program, which can be done in 60 minutes, 90 minutes or a half day.

You may select one speech, several, or the full set of programs.

Extremely favorable pricing is available for the complete set of speeches, which can be delivered at intervals that are convenient to you.

Contact me to discuss your sessions.