We are entering the home stretch of the selling year.

Summer is over, and Thanksgiving, which marks the official start of the holiday season, is just 11 weeks away.

Fifty-five business days until the holiday slows down among your customers and sales colleagues.

Sounds lightening fast, right?

Here’s the thing: 55 days is more than 20% of the business year.

It’s a highly productive and important 20% too, where much of the business world is focused on productivity and pushing the gas on meeting annual goals.

This is our time, these 55 days.

For those of us in the sales profession, it’s our time to help our customers meet their goals.

It’s our time to be present and show them that we care. We’re interested. We’re here for them.

These are important days for us, days that can make our year.

Need to reinvigorate a stalled deal? Call this customer proactively and tell them you’re thinking about them, and you remain very interested in helping them.

Do you have a proposal that you need to follow up on? Call the customer and ask them where they are on that proposal, and tell them that it’s important to you.

Trying to schedule a meeting with a prospect? Pick up the phone, and let them hear your voice. Give them some options when you can come to them, because “I would enjoy learning more about your work and tell you about what my company does with companies that are similar to yours.”

We have 55 days until the holidays commence.

Time to focus in, communicate proactively, and systematically help our customers.

This is our time!

Would you like to catalyze and energize your growth between now and the end of the year? My clients average between 15 and 30% annual revenue growth — on top of whatever they were on pace for before our work began. If you’d like to systematically implement and track proactive communications, backed with data and fast, long-lasting results, call me at 847-459-6322. Thank you.