When you work with me, you always work with me. No agencies. No representatives. Just a direct connection between you and I.

Sure, I work with a team of high-end professionals, but it shouldn’t be your job to deal with them.

So, if you’d like to talk about a consulting project, contact…!

If you’re interested in speaking, please call….me!

If you’d like to discuss my private coaching programs, you’ll have to reach out to…me!

And if you want to inquire about a sponsorship to my daily nationally-syndicated consumer electronics radio program, I’ll have to send you to talk to…me!

Here is my direct contact information — please call or write:

Alex L. Goldfayn

The Evangelist Marketing Institute, LLC

PO Box 801
Lake Forest, IL 60045

Phone: 847-459-6322

Email: alex[at]evangelistmktg[dot]com

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