Get Your 2021 Super Simple Sales Planner

When you complete this planner, you will have the names of 60 people to target this coming year. Write the names of humans, not companies. People buy from us, not companies. We build relationships with people, so write down people’s names. Of course, it’s fine to include their company as well.

Top 10 prospects you have not yet talked to.

Top 20 prospects you’ve already talked to.

Top 30 current customers who can by more (and what products or services to offer them).

This is 30 prospects and 30 customers.

Revisit it and update it monthly: advance names to the next column, from left to right; or remove names who you determined are no longer fit in the column they are; and add new names. Always keep 60 current names on the planner.

What do you do once the columns are filled and the names are written?

Call them.

Make it a priority to make five proactive phone calls a day to the names on your list.

Is sales growth really this simple?

Oh yes. Probably even simpler. Sustained, predictable sales growth is about making sure customers and prospects hear from us consistently when nothing is wrong.

With this planner, you will always have the names of people you can call in front of you

I hope you find this simple planner useful for your 2021 success planning.