Pick Up The Phone and Sell: Released September 2021

This is a book is for salespeople who are more comfortable with email, video calls, social, and text messaging than they are with the phone. In Pick Up The Phone and Sell (link to Amazon page), I explain why the phone is your most powerful prospecting and selling tool. This book will teach you techniques and language to supercharge your sales. You will learn

• The power of proactive phone calls to customers and prospects—get the free trackers and planners by entering your email address.

• How to use simple text messaging as a powerful enhancer of your phone selling.
• The role of social media, including LinkedIn, in boosting phone sales.
How to overcome “phone fear,” and how to effectively warm up your cold calls.

Ninety percent of salespeople are reactive and don’t call. Want to launch yourself instantly into the top 10% of all salespeople?

Follow the tactics in the book, download the planners and leverage the power of proactive calls.

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