Learn the Proven Strategies that Help You
Grow Your Sales 10, 20 or 30%.

Most sales people operate reactively. We put out fires all day. When you sell this way, your sales growth is out of your control. If the right inquiries come in, you might sell more. But if they don't, you won't. And it's not up to you.

The 2019 Selling Boldly
Coaching Program

6 Months Can Change Everything

This is brand new six-month program for owners, executives, salespeople and anyone who wants to grow sales now. It's the first development program I've ever offered where individuals can attain the same incredible and immediate sales growth as my corporate clients enjoy.

Want to add 10, 20, or 30% to your sales quickly and easily? The 2019 Selling Boldly Coaching program is exactly for you.

This is the first time I've ever offered anything like this, and for this program only, you will work directly with me, and with your peers and colleagues to improve your sales quickly.

With two live meetings in Chicago, and two web meetings in between, as well as you turning in weekly success reports and unlimited Q&A with me, your sales will have no choice but to go up significantly.

New book - Selling boldly

If you enjoyed the book, you'll love the coaching even more.

Develop confidence, optimism and
perseverance in sales.

  • Understand the great value you bring to your customers.
  • Go through your day making simple, systematic incredibly helpful communications that help customers buy more.
  • Start closing an additional 20% of your quotes and proposals immediately.
  • Get existing customers to buy more by asking simple two-second questions.
  • Turn first-time prospects into repeat customers.
  • Learn how to ask for and receive referrals -- two out of every three times you ask for them.
  • Behave as though you are not lucky the customer picked up the phone, but the customer is lucky to be hearing from you.
  • More than anything, this is fun work. You'll be helping customers more and making more money! 

The Schedule

We begin in early January, with details about your work and personal life, goals, plans and priorities.

In January, my team will interview two of your customers (calls which you will set up) to supply powerful testimonials and insight into your amazing value. You will get more than 40 testimonials from these calls.

On Wednesday February 6, 2019  we will have a powerful all day workshop in Chicago where I will teach you the ideal sales mindset, as well as 12 simple techniques to grow your sales...right...now.

At this point the coaching begins in earnest: I will begin assigning proactive actions for you to implement with
customers and prospects, and you will do (or won't!) do them. You will track your outcomes, and send them in to me and my team weekly. In turn, we will deliver score cards and a success newsletter to you.

You will start implementing your sales growth techniques in February.

On Monday March 4, we will have a web meeting to discuss progress and success. You and your peers will tell stories of actions and results.

On Thursday April 4, we will have another web meeting to discuss your wins and progress. You will tell and hear specific examples of what is working and what isn't.

On Wednesday May 22, we will have a half-day workshop in Chicago where we'll talk about business opened, business closed, and successes and challenges.

In June, you (along with all the participants from your company) and I will talk on the phone to assess your progress and opportunities and lay out your plan for the next six months.


I'll Be Your Sales Personal Trainer

There will be a strong coaching component. I will assign actions for you to complete on a weekly basis, like proactive phone calls, did you know questions, and referral requests. You will track your actions, results, and turn in your sales trackers to me (this is direct accountability). We will keep score, and track business opened, progressed and business closed. Every week, my team will put out scorecards that will directly connect your effort to your results. We'll also recognize success, name names,  and show you what's working for your fellow participants.

What Participants Say:

"This is practical and easy to implement, and a great presentation! Alex flawlessly explores uncovering how to improve net revenue by direct customer communications. Excellent!" -- Jeff Macdowell, Director, Luxury Products Group

"Great presentation! The material is simple, relatable, and logical. It's something I can take back and immediately implement. I am confident this will help my company." -- Joe Velleman, Vice President of Sales, Mid-City Supply

"I loved Alex's positive energy! The material was straight-forward and easy. Alex was the value, he is great. It was fun to be in the audience!" -- Barry Portnoy, President, Aaron & Company, Inc. 

"Very informative and entertaining. The material is very applicable to my business. This showed me a new way to approach my sales team!" -- Bob Christiansen, President, Chris-More Inc. 

"The energy of the session was excellent, and the material was very good and valuable. Alex did one of the best presentations I have ever been to. It was a lot of fun to be in the audience." -- Damon McPherson, Operations Manager, Humboldt Fasteners & Tools 

"Alex is a positive force of nature! It was engaging and informative to be here. I will now focus on the positive with my customers!" -- John, sales rep, B&L Bolt.

11 Reasons to Enroll Now

  1. You will develop confidence, optimism and perseverance in your sales work.
  2. You will communicate exponentially more with prospects and customers.
  3. You will learn 12 powerful techniques, most of which take seconds -- not minutes -- to implement to grow sales quickly and easily.
  4. Your family deserves the additional money you'll bring home when you do the work you'll learn in this program.
  5. You will help your customers more, and they will thank you with their money.
  6. You will sell more to existing customers, with a series of two-second efforts.
  7. You will follow up on quotes and proposals systematically and consistently and close an additional 20-30% of your outstanding quotes and proposals.
  8. Accountability is at the center of this program.
  9. You do the program once, but you become a better salesperson forever. You get to apply these skills wherever you will go.
  10. My corporate clients pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to do this work as an all-company initiative. Your cost is a tiny fraction of this.
  11. You get to work with me. This first edition is almost certainly the only one of these I will do personally. Going forward, certified coaches will be leading the programs.

About Alex Goldfayn


I work with companies that are between $20 million and $2 billion in revenue and grow their sales 10 to 20% annually. My clients tend to be in mature industries in the manufacturing, distribution and service spaces. They're usually multi-generational businesses. They're in lumber, steel, pipes and valves, construction, and professional services. These kinds of companies are very difficult to grow. But my clients add 10-20% annually, every time.

And, now, you can enjoy the same results. Except for you, individually, I expect your sales to grow even more if you do the simple work you'll learn in this program. I'll work hard to teach you what to do, and hold you accountable. But you'll be the one doing the work.

I am the author of the Wall Street Journal best-seller Selling Boldly, as well at the 800-CEO-Read sales book The Revenue Growth Habit. These books are the basis of the ground we'll cover in these coaching programs. We know these techniques work, because every one of my clients grows.

And now, you get to grow your sales like this!