If Not You, Who?

One of my 11 major rules for powerful marketing is that your language needs to be shameless. Your communication must be bold. The way you speak about your products or services needs to be confident, aggressive and strong.

The opposite of this is typical marketing: careful, technical, toned down (probably by your legal department), and somewhat defensive.

When you speak about your products or services, you are training your market and all of your partners and observers — think staff. distributors, retailers, media, etc.– how to speak about you. Watch this 3 minute video of Steve Jobs introducing the first iPad to see how he did this. The next day, every newspaper in the country used these same words (and watch how all the people who came on stage after him used the same words!).

Marketing is no place for modesty. If you are not supremely confident in how you communicate your value, how will you convince customers to believe in you? If you don’t communicate shamelessly about your work, who will?

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About Alex

I'm a market strategist, consultant, coach and speaker for product and services companies that are looking for dramatic growth and increased revenues.

My clients include Fortune 500 firms like Amazon and Sprint - as well as publicly traded companies like Logitech, TiVo, Virgin Mobile and Yelp.