12 Days of Gratitude in the Sales Profession: Day 1

It’s been a really tough year personally and professionally — on the news and in our lives, in the world, in the towns that we live in– and yet those of us who sell for a living have so incredibly much to be grateful for…

What is gratitude?

In my opinion, it is the feeling of conscious appreciation for what we have and also what we do not have.

Now, why is it so important to be looking at gratitude in sales?

I’m gonna answer it, in the words of Shawn Achor , who wrote this fabulous book called The Happiness Advantage.

It’s had a huge impact on my life and on my work.

In the book, Achor writes and I quote here, “things in life are as integral to our well-being as gratitude. Countless studies have shown that consistently grateful people are more energetic, more emotionally intelligent, more forgiving, and less likely to be depressed, anxious, or lonely.

It’s not that people are only grateful because they’re happier. Gratitude has proven to be a significant cause of positive outcomes — Just pause for a second here to let that sink in.

Gratitude is a significant cause of positive outcomes.

Gratitude will help you sell more.