We are grateful that it doesn’t take hours to plan or hours to do. It takes minutes.

How do we do this quickly?

In 60 seconds do the following:
1. Write down who to call
2. Write down who to follow up with
3. Pick up the phone and CALL

Proactive selling, not reactive selling, is the key to success.

Split each list into a few people to call each day, Monday – Friday.

What to say:
1. How are you doing?
2. How is your family?
3. What are you working on?
4. What can I help you with?

Be consistent.

2 calls per day is 10 calls per week. You will call 520 people in one year!

What if you do 5 calls per day? 50 per week. 1360 per YEAR!

Quickly plan, then quickly do!