There are 3 things a lot of salespeople do wrong when making cold calls…

1) They don’t listen to their prospects.

Unfortunately a lot of salespeople talk a lot more than their prospects do on cold calls. You can’t identify needs, build rapport or create opportunities if you’re doing all of the talking.

Ask the right questions and then stop and let them answer. Let them do more talking.

2) They have the wrong mindset.

A lot of salespeople are scared when making calls. They’re scared of rejection. That fear impacts their confidence and their ability to sell.

Get yourself in the right mindset before you make your calls. Remind yourself that you’re trying to help them and that they might need what you sell.

3) They’re not prepared.

They haven’t done any research on their prospect. They aren’t prepared for potential objections or questions. They don’t know what they actually want to get from the call.

Spend time getting ready for your calls. Remember, failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Listen more.
Get yourself in the right mindset before calling.
Do your homework.

Those 3 things can have a huge impact on your calls.

Implement them, practice them, and most importantly…

Pick up that phone.