If you’re taking action aggressively, creatively, consistently, and successfully, you are thinking big.

If you’re analyzing, assessing, thinking, meeting, discussing, considering, and running it by legal, you are thinking defensively, which is the opposite of thinking big.

If you’re creating your language based on the thinking and emotion you uncover from customers, you are thinking big.

If you are creating language with a “team” in the conference room, you’re not thinking big.

If you are breaking new ground, with energy and passion, you are thinking big.

If you’re reacting to others, worrying about “competing” you are thinking small.

If you allow yourself mistakes, but don’t doubt yourself; if you let yourself fail but never beat yourself up for it (failure strictly as a learning activity) you are thinking big.

If, on the other hand, if you let things get you down, depressed, anxious — all of which leads to procrastination and the paralysis of productivity — you are not thinking big.

Success is a mindset shift, nothing more. It’s contained entirely within your thoughts.