Tablet PC from Apple

There are rumors that Apple is close to announcing a tablet PC that would have more functionality than the iPhone and less than a laptop or desktop computer. [podcast]http://evangelistmktg.com/audio/08-10-09%20-%20Tech%20Tailor.mp3[/podcast]

Super Affordable Laptops

There has been a lot of news about affordable laptops.  Recently Walmart has started to offer a $298 laptop from Compaq and a super thin Acer laptop. [podcast]http://evangelistmktg.com/audio/07-29%20-%20Tech%20Tailor.mp3[/podcast]

Microsoft Asks Why Pay for a Logo?

The new Microsoft commercials are terrific.  These commercials show young, good looking people happily make a decision to purchase a Microsoft computer rather than an Apple.   Microsoft is out-messaging Apple with these commercials....

Perfect Marriage of Laptop and Cell Phone

A 3G netbook will be a perfect marriage between a laptop and smartphone.  The netbook will have a 10 inch screen and will be able to makes calls over a cellular network.  This new technology will allow people to replace having a separate cell phone and computer....

Cellphones Replacing Laptops?

There has been discussion in the news about people replacing their laptops with cell phones.  At this point Alex would not consider replacing his laptop with his cell phone. He feels that his real work gets done on the laptop and he uses his call phone when he is away...