Downside of Online Information

For convenience many of us upload our calendars and tasks online, however we risk having our personal information available on the Internet. [podcast]http://evangelistmktg.com/audio/08-12-09%20-%20Tech%20Tailor.mp3[/podcast]

Internet Radio

Online radio is gaining popularity slowly but will have a hard time succeeding in the mainstream in the near future. [podcast]http://evangelistmktg.com/audio/08-04%20-%20Tech%20Tailor-1.mp3[/podcast]

Microsoft Launches Bing

Microsoft revealed its new search engine Bing that is being described as better than google.  The search engine organizes your searches visually, helps with keywords, provides a shopping interface, and has a quick preview option. Bing.com

High Speed Internet Wherever You Go

Novatel Wireless will be releasing the MiFi router soon which will allow users to access the high speed Internet wherever cell phone coverage is available.  The router can be used for several people at once.  Check out NovatelWireless.com....