Does Your Kid Have Playstation Palm?

Dermatologists have discovered a new skin condition called Playstation Palm that affects kids who continue to hold their Playstation controller tightly for extended periods of time.  The condition cases children to develop red sore lumps on their palms....

Portable Gaming Devices

Both the Nintendo DS and the iPhone have overtaken the Sony PlayStation Portable as the top handheld gaming devices. [podcast]https://goldfayn.com/audio/Technology%20Tailor_01-05-09.mp3[/podcast]

Alternate Online Universe

Second Life is an online universe where you can create a  cartoon like version of yourself called an Avatar.  In this animated world you can interact with other avatars and live an alternate life.  Secondlife.com....

Little Video Gaming System that Could

In November Nintendo sold 2 million Wii video game consoles compared to 378,000 Sony PlayStation 3 units sold.  Once you play the Wii you will understand why it is so popular. [podcast]https://goldfayn.com/audio/Technology%20Tailor_12-17-08.mp3[/podcast]