The Downside to Facebook

Alex discusses the negative aspects of Facebook such as updates by friends that are not very useful. [podcast]http://evangelistmktg.com/audio/07-28%20-%20Tech%20Tailor.mp3[/podcast]

The Positives of Facebook

Alex has become a fan of Facebook because he has been able to reconnect with old friends and maintain communications at the level he wishes. [podcast]http://evangelistmktg.com/audio/07-27%20-%20Tech%20Tailor.mp3[/podcast]

Tutorials for Your Mac

Check out screencastsonline.com for helpful video tutorials for your Mac, iPod, and iPhone.  These tutorials can also be viewed as podcasts on iTunes. [podcast]http://evangelistmktg.com/audio/06-29%20-%20Tech%20Tailor%20-%20NOKIA.mp3[/podcast]

Online Notes

If you are a constant note taker check out evernote.com.  Evernote is a great place online to collect your notes, information, and every detail of your life.  Since you store the notes on the Internet you can access them from anywhere....