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Internet Radio

Online radio is gaining popularity slowly but will have a hard time succeeding in the mainstream in the near future. [podcast]http://evangelistmktg.com/audio/08-04%20-%20Tech%20Tailor-1.mp3[/podcast]

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Super Affordable Laptops

There has been a lot of news about affordable laptops.  Recently Walmart has started to offer a $298 laptop from Compaq and a super thin Acer laptop. [podcast]http://evangelistmktg.com/audio/07-29%20-%20Tech%20Tailor.mp3[/podcast]

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The Positives of Facebook

Alex has become a fan of Facebook because he has been able to reconnect with old friends and maintain communications at the level he wishes. [podcast]http://evangelistmktg.com/audio/07-27%20-%20Tech%20Tailor.mp3[/podcast]

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