New Video For You: Especially Now, Call Your Customers

Many of the questions I’m receiving over the last week or so is “when is it appropriate to start selling to my customers?”

The answer is right now!

They need you now.

Not in a week or two.

They need your value today.

They need your help.

Don’t hurt them by keeping it from them.

Help them by calling them, and connecting with them.

Help people through this difficult time, and they will remember it forever.

Take a look at this new video I just put together. It’s something different for you — full of tips and information on how to sell more, especially now, but with a drink. It’s a relaxed and informal conversation about sales growth. It’s a new series I’m calling it Growing Sales, With a Drink, During an Epidemic.

Please let me know your thoughts about it in the comments or by reply email.

And please visit my new private community on Facebook called The Selling Boldly Private Group. Join more than 150 of your colleagues to discuss sales success in this difficult environment.

Thank you for reading.

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