Effort means putting in the work necessary to be successful. It’s concentration, focus, planning, organizing, and, most of all execution. (Don’t get stuck on the organizing though — I know a lot of people who actually procrastinate execution by organizing and planning themselves to death.)

Perseverance means continuing to effort in the face of resistance. Resistance can internal and external, personal and professional, as well as obstacle, objections, fear, anxiety, depression, the potential for failure, and your own history (baggage). As you can see, most resistance is psychological, or internal. Only some resistance exists in the real world, outside your mind: a bad boss, a prospect with an objection, a coach who won’t play you. But mostly, perseverance is needed to overcome the resistance between our ears.

Alone, these are helpful traits to possess. Together, in combination, effort and perseverance can help you achieve your wildest dreams. Together, they are magic.