The most successful people follow up a lot — and for those of us who sell, there are 3 different kinds of follow ups we can do.

✅The first kind is pre-quote or pre-proposal — so it’s an opportunity that exists that you’re going to reach out to and check in with. How do you do this follow up? By phone! If you can’t do it by phone — send a text.

✅The second kind of follow up we can do is quote or proposal follow ups you have sent already. You’ve now done 99% of the work — you’ve built the relationship. You’ve done well and you’ve helped them when they’ve needed it. They asked you for a quote or a proposal.You sent it to him and now there is silence. Don’t sit quietly in order not to get rejected, right? Follow up

✅The third kind of follow up is for somebody who just got order or a service from you. “I want to make sure you’re good.” “Are you happy that the order arrived well?” Then you ask your Did You Know questions.

We’re not selling. We’re not pitching. We’re not annoying. We’re not stepping on toes. We’re helping… You help people in tremendous ways when you follow up. You are communicating to people that you would like to help them — and that’s a wonderful thing for a customer to hear.