Testimonials from Clients

From Mike Hedge, Vice President of Marketing & Communications, Parrot Inc.:

“Working with The Technology Tailor was the most valuable investment we made all of last year.”

From Scott Eisenstein, Vice President of Communications, Powermat:

If you need help crafting a powerful, effective consumer message, and then reach millions with it for almost no money at all, there’s nobody better than The Technology Tailor, Alex Goldfayn.

From Graham Crow, Account Director, Waggener Edstrom Worldwide, for T-Mobile:

Alex Goldfayn is as good as they get when it comes to developing and delivering crisp, clear and concise messaging for your products. T-Mobile was delighted with the results of his 2009 Holiday Tour.  Alex was able to easily adapt to suggested messaging changes midstream and his bookings and reports were incredibly helpful.  We hope to work with him again in the very near future.”

From Nicole Tehan, Vice President, Ketchum, for Kodak:

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alex several times over the last several years. Alex has a genuine interest in understanding the priorities of his clients. He consistently exceeds expectations when it comes to message delivery, books outstanding markets, delivers great results and constantly keeps you abreast of how his projects are progressing! Flawless execution and keen attention to detail from beginning to end!

Finally, whether print, broadcast or online, Alex truly knows how to story tell. He has a way of educating consumers on the benefits of various technologies no matter how cumbersome the category or feature set! He truly is a Tailor!

From Kelly Davis-Felner, Marketing Director, Wi-Fi Alliance:

Sponsoring the Technology Tailor Minute has put high-impact radio messaging within our reach in spite of constrained resources.  Alex has a personable on-air style that makes listeners take notice.  Connecting our sponsorship to his high-value content means that we have terrific credibility with consumers.

The Technology Tailor television segments bring technology products to life for a broad consumer audience.  Alex’s on-screen persona is friendly, approachable, and credible.  He makes a terrific spokesperson for our member companies’ products, helping them understand the importance of our industry testing programs.

From Gary Pageau, Publishing Director, Photo Marketing Association:

“Alex is able to connect with audiences in meaningful ways, even when the circumstances may be difficult. He is a pleasure to work with.”

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