Show Customers You Care

Much of what I do for clients is designed to help them stand out from the competition, to make them singular. 

 This is, of course, quite easy. 

 We simply need to do things that others aren’t. 

 That is, communicate proactively. This makes us stand out because the competition communicates reactively. And if we’re being honest, you probably communicate reactively also. 

 Using the phone helps us to stand out. Decades ago, everybody used the phone because it was the only tool we had. I teach clients to pick up the phone and call customer or prospect when you don’t need anything. “Tom, I was thinking about you. How have you been? What’s happening? What are you working on that I may be able to help with?”

 How many calls like this do you get? 

 Following up on past conversations, or quotes or proposals, helps us to stand out. This is also a proactive communication. “Where are you at on that thing we discussed?” 

 Before email, everybody sent hand written notes. Today, even Christmas cards are digitally done, opened by recipients without being touched by the senders. Send somebody a note, and you’ll deliver them something they probably haven’t seen in years. 

 You’re not bothering people when you communicate proactively. 

 You’re showing them you care.

 You’re showing them you’re interested.

 You’re separating yourself from the competition.

 You’re crushing the competition.

 Let them email.

You be present.

 Show your customers you care.

 They’ll thank you with their business.

 Want to teach your staff how to systematically ask for testimonials, referrals and call your customers and prospects proactively? Call me at 847-459-6322 or reply to this email to discuss a revenue growth project at your firm. 


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