It’s hard to think or plan in terms of decades, but the next one is less than a month away.

How do you plan for a decade? 

Since it’s such a long period of time, I think the best approach to begin by thinking in terms of the big picture:

Where do you want to be 10 years from now? Specifically — where do you want to be living? What does your home look like? What will your family look like?

How much do you want to sell over the upcoming decade? What’s your total dollar amount?

How does this break down annually (it doesn’t have to be the same dollar amount each year)? But what is the sales goal for 2020?

Try to paint as specific a picture as you can. Then, we pivot from the plan to the action:

What do you need to do in order to turn this picture into reality? 

Do not hope for things outside of your control to fall into place. Think specifically about things that you can control. What consistent, repetitive, fast action will you need to take to achieve these goals?

What will you sell?

How will you communicate about it?

To whom will you communicate? Who are your customers that can buy more? Who are your prospects that you will turn into customers?

And when we get it down to this point, we can boil down an entire decade of sales goals and success to this simple question:

Who will you call and see to attain these goals? 

Eventually, we want names and numbers here, but if you don’t know yet, think through the kinds of people you will need to call and visit with. What do they do? What companies do they work for? How will you reach them?

Because in the coming decade, more than ever before, success will rain down upon those who communicate the most.

We live in a social-media-texting-emailing-pinging-reactive sales environment.

Those who will communicate proactively and personally will stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

And so, I ask again, to attain your goals over the next decade, who will you call and see? 

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