Last week I was with one of my wholesaler clients for their 90-day post-launch meeting. This meeting involves every customer-facing employee who is participating in our program of systematic, intentional proactive customer communication.

The company distributes more than 10,000 SKUs in the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical industries. This firm has not grown in many years, existing at a “flat” revenue level. Also, winter is their slowest time, as is the norm in this industry.

We launched our program in October.

The following four months were all up double-digit percentages year-over-year.

Their slowest months — October, November, and December – turned into three of the four top sales months of 2022.

“We‘re normally surviving in the winter,” said their sales manager to the entire team. “But now we’re thriving.”

I asked the owner if he could remember the last time they logged four double-digit growth months consecutively. He could not.

One of the salespeople nearly doubled his monthly sales, when comparing the average of the January – September sales before our project began with his sales that occurred after we started, in October-December.

With every one of my clients, there are multiple salespeople who double or triple their personal sales.

What is this distribution company doing differently?

They are systematically asking did you now questions and offering additional products and services.

They are systematically calling customers and asking if the order arrived and if they need anything else.

My client has multiple salespeople systematically telling customers they’ll have a truck in the area, and would they like them to throw something onto the truck? Almost always, they do.

There are lots of small things being added.

But when many salespeople add many small things, they turn into big results.

And they are counting actions. They are tracking. They are score carding. They are sharing successes.

All of this is a part of my revenue growth initiatives with clients.

Want to systematically and predictably sell more like this?