If proactive communications are the key to predictable sales growth, the question becomes who should we communicate with? Here is a list of people who are most likely to buy more from you:

  • Current customers who are also buying elsewhere, but could easily buy those additional products and services from you. In fact, it would make their lives easier to buy more from you. So offer to help them with those products and services, and they will thank you with their additional business.
  • Customers who used to buy from you, but no longer do. These folks took their business elsewhere and probably didn’t tell you when this happened. Nobody likes to have breakup calls. They are in your accounting system, and you are in theirs. Go to them and let them know you’d like to help them again.
  • Customers you got close to doing business with, but it didn’t work out. I call this group “past prospects,” and my business is full of these folks. Some of you reading this are in this group. We talked. You may have even received a proposal from me. But we didn’t end up working together.

Each of these groups are made up of people who have detailed familiarity with you, and you with them.

And, critically, each of these groups are infinitely more likely to buy from you than people you might cold call, who are starting from zero with you. They know nothing about you.

If you sat down to make a list of people in the three groups here, you will probably find yourself with a list of hundreds of high-potential growth customers.

So…why not make the lists?

Then call them and tell them you were thinking about them. Tell them you’d like to help them more…or again…or for the first time.

Do this consistently, and you’ll find yourself with sales that are growing dramatically and predictably.

If you would like to add 15-30% predictable annual sales growth by systematizing techniques like the ones in this article, please call me at 847-459-6322, and we can discuss how this process might look at your organization.