Here are 5 cold calling tips to help you achieve more success on the phone this week…

1) Think about success before you dial.

Don’t feel bad, don’t fear rejection, just focus on the opportunity that might be on the other end of that call. Each call could be someone readty to buy.

2) Be prepared for questions and objections.

Have whatever you need in front of you so that you can overcome most objections and answer any questions that they have. This will help make you feel a lot more confident going into each call.

3) Smile (and if you can, walk around).

Smiling and moving can have a big impact on your tone and energy when making calls. If you want your prospects to be happy, you need to sound happy.

4) Remember your happy customers.

Before you dial, think about the customers who have bought from you and who were happy. Remember that success, and then go into each call believing you can help that person.

5) Know what your target outcome from the call is.

It might be to get their email address, it might be to book a demo. Whatever it is, make sure you know what it is and keep focused on achieving it.

Just a few little tips that can make a big impact.

Now go and pick up that phone and help some people.

They’re waiting for your call.