Making proactive communications to customers and prospects tends to be uncomfortable for salespeople, even though the recipients find them extraordinarily valuable.

So it helps to know why we make these communications, who we make them for, and who deserves for us to do so:

Yourself: You work really hard. You take responsibility. You take risks. You do what you say you will do. You deserve the benefits of the additional take-home pay that more sales will generate.

Your Family: You spend more time working than with your family right? They support you. They believe in you. They deserve all of the good things that more money can buy.

Your Company: Your employer takes care of you and your family, right? You get paid every two weeks. The firm has trained you and is committed to you. Your company deserves for you to make these uncomfortable proactive communications — phone calls — because it benefits greatly when you add more sales.

Your Co-Workers: They come to work every day — in the warehouse, in the office, on the delivery trucks. They deserve for you to sell more because their jobs depend on it. They can’t grow revenue, but you can. What an honor! Your work increases their job security.

Your Customers: They trust you. They depend on you. And they come to you for help when they need it. Customers don’t want to work with a contracting, troubled supplier or provider. People want to partner a thriving, successful, growing organization. Further, your customers deserve to do more business with you, because they are better off with you than with your competition. Right?

These are the people who deserve for you to Pick Up The Phone…when nothing is wrong…ask about their family…and ask what they have coming up that you can help with.

These are the people who would benefit from this important proactive work.

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