90% of Sales is Attitude

I was with a large distributor client a few days ago doing their all-day kickoff workshop. I spend about two-thirds of these sessions talking about mindset and positivity and optimism. Only about an hour to 90 minutes is spent on the technique, which is easy and lightning-fast and straightforward to implement.

One of the audience members, a salesperson, came up to me during lunch.

He said, “Alex, in the military, they taught us that 90% of success is attitude. Is this like that?”

Yes, I told him, this is exactly like that.

Ninety percent of your sales success is determined by your attitude:

If you believe you provide great value, and the customer is lucky to have you, and that customers can buy a lot more from you — then you will behave accordingly, communicate proactively, and your sales will grow.

If conversely, you believe that you are bothering the customer when you reach out, that they’re too busy to deal with you, and that they’ll call you when they need something — then you’ll also behave accordingly, but you won’t communicate proactively, and your business will not grow.

Indeed, 90% of selling is attitude.

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