If you make a proactive phone call to a customer or prospect every once in a while — when you happen to think of it — each call is a snowflake that falls to the ground and melts.

But if you make two proactive phone calls a day, you’re making more than 500 calls annually, and you have yourself a blizzard.

A blizzard of new sales.

If you offer a customer an additional product or service every now and then, each effort on its own is fleeting.

But if you offer five products or services daily — which will take you about 15 seconds per day (these are called Did You Know questions in my revenue growth system) — you will offer 1,200 additional products and services annually.

We know statistically that 20% of these will turn into sales. That’s 240 new line items, purchased repeatedly, again and again.

A veritable blizzard.

In predictable and perennially sustainable sales growth, consistency and system is the key.

We must do the right things, again and again, over an extended period of time.

And if we do, sales will have no choice but to grow significantly.

My clients attain 10-20% predicable and sustainable annual growth attribute directly to our work together (we know because we track it). If you’d like to discuss creating a sales growth blizzard for your organization, please call me directly at 847-459-6322.